Auto Show

On family day (15 February) we went to the Auto Show.  Andy got free tickets from work so we thought that we'd check it out.  It was a huge show although others told us that it was not as big as in previous years.  It spanned across two buildings and we caught a shuttle bus from one to the other.

Thought I'd post the photos of Jesse trying every imaginable car and motorbike.  There were huge queues to even sit in the cars so he didn't get to try all the ones he wanted but he did enjoy himself.  I particularly liked the Lexus RX350 but my conscience would not let me drive a huge petrol powered SUV like that, even if it has everything anyone could ever want.  The next car will be a hybrid I think.

Anyway, enjoy the photos.

Jesse is pointing to the Mustang logo because his friends' Dad (Jack and Fraser) in NZ has a Mustang and he thought they would  be jealous that he got to see this one.  Baz, I've included a photo of the price details to make you even more jealous.

Loved the interior of this futuristic car, it had daisies printed on the white leather seats and was very open with a huge sunroof.



Carol Karl

February 25, 2010