A Winter Coat

Thought I'd share with you what Canada has done to me - I've forgotten my dress sense and gone for practical - Oh No that doesn't sound like me at all.

But hey, it's Calvin Klein and it's got fur lining and it's filled with down. After our trip to Marineland on the weekend Natalie told me I needed a soccer Mum coat and this is it. I'm thinking that all those weekends standing on the side lines in Wellington when the rain was beating down on me I could have used this coat.

Yes, I'm wearing fluffy boots as well.

Jesse had to get in on the act - note how tall he is getting!

Oh no, where has he gone!

This "fall" is turning out to be like winter at home although not so much rain and wind. We've had a frost and it's freezing outside, highs of around 5 degrees. The thing is that it doesn't seem to get warm during the day at all.

I'm so pleased our landlord replaced our heating system yesterday so now we are toasty warm.

Last night we went to the Kea group pub night. There were heaps of people there and we had a great time. It was cold though as it's on the rooftop of Hemingways. Martin (the owner - a Kiwi bloke from Invercargill who has been in Canada for about 30 years) tells me that they cover it all up and so it will be nice and warm next time I go. We'll see.

Hope you're enjoying the sunshine (if there is any).



Carol Karl

October 5, 2009