A Lazy Kind of Sunday

This morning started nice and easy. We sat around watching a movie while Andy applied online for a job. The weather was quite gray looking. Jenna and Jesse decided to go to the park but when the thunder and lightning started a few minutes later they were back quick smart!

Just as well because 10 minutes later the heavens opened and it rained - hard. It still amazes me how it can be sunny then a torrential downpour with electrical storms and then sunny again.

We went to Chris and Cristina's for a barbeque lunch. By the time we got there the rain had almost stopped. Andy of course had to help with the BBQ - here's the proof - even half way around the World and he still has to BBQ at other peoples houses!

After this photo he quickly handed to BBQ tools to Chris so that he wouldn't be caught.
Andy's not really as mean as this photo makes him look!
Of course, Jesse had to get in on the act as well!If you could see his feet Zorra is there as well, checking on the meat!

When it was time to eat we could easily have sat outside. It's so hot here now. On the way home the temperature in the car (reading the outside temperature) said 32 degrees. It's not really the heat, it's the humidity. You can actually see it in the air. The air looks thick and you feel wet when you go out.

So I drove home on the highway! When we got home the aircon went on and we just blobbed out. Too hot and tired (and full!) to do anything.



Carol Karl

August 9, 2009