A Flock of Geese?

Yesterday after I dropped Andy off at work, I was driving past the lake at Centennial Park (golf course on one side of the road and lake on the other) when I had to stop for a large group of geese crossing the road.  They were being very persistent, the car next to me (in the other lane) had no idea what to do.  She just sat there waiting for the geese to cross which, considering they were meandering along the road instead of across, would have taken all day.

Of course, I know about flocks of things crossing the road having had many years of experience driving on country roads, on which a flock of sheep walking along the road is quite commonplace.  So, I just eased on through them, just like you would with sheep.  

The funny thing was that the cars sitting behind the car beside me, all changed lanes and followed me through leaving the woman still sitting in her car in the right hand lane waiting for the geese.  

She wasn't there last night when I collected Andy so I'm assuming that at some point the geese got out of her way.



Carol Karl

July 13, 2010