A Day at the Toronto Zoo

Jesse and Andy went to the Toronto zoo. Sadly Jenna and I did not go so I have asked Jesse to be my guest blogger this week.  This is what he had to say:

Click here to download the zoo map.

We arrived at the zoo about 9.30am and we had to wait in the long queue.  We went to the gift shop because we forgot sunblock and then we went off to the Zellers Discovery Zone and went into quite a short line to wait for the sharks and stingray display at Stingray Bay.  I was happy because we got to feed the stingray and touch them and there was also sharks but I didn’t get to feed any of them because they moved away.

I found the horseshoe crab and fed it by throwing the food down to the bottom of the tank and it moved towards it and ate it.  I got to touch the horseshoe crab.  It felt like a shell even though it looked like it had fabric skin.  The shark felt like sandpaper and all the stingray that I touched hit me with their fin.

After that we started heading down to the Australasian Pavilion and realised that there was no magpies which they said there were on their website.  In the Australasian Pavilion we saw some Komodo Dragons and we came out and went to the Aussie walkabout where all the kangaroos were lying down in the shade.

We were so hungry we had lunch and Dad got me some fries and juice while we had bacon, lettuce, tomato and cheese sandwiches which we brought from home.  We put the fries into the sandwiches and they tasted great.

After lunch we went to the Tundra Trek and visited the polar bear that swam backwards and went up the stairs and kept doing it again and again and again. The polar bear is about 3 metres tall and 1.2 metres tall when it is on all fours.

Next we went to see the arctic wolf which was under a tree in the shade like most animals as it was extremely hot yesterday.

We headed for the snowy owl which was awake and was in it’s cave.  We finished off the Tundra Trek by going to see the arctic fox but you couldn’t see it because it was staying away from the sun.

We went to the Mayan Temple Ruins and went behind a waterfall.  It was nice and cool and you could feel little splashes of water spraying onto you.

We found some Jaguars in their cage and I learned that the females are black and also known as black panthers.  The males are spotted like a leopard.  They looked like big kitty cats to me.

After the jaguars we saw spider monkeys and pink flamingos.  The flamingos start off white and the pink food that they eat make their feathers pink.

We were so tired that we caught a zoo mobile and started taking tours.  We saw the cheetahs, they are the fastest land animal on the planet.  

After a long hot day and hard work walking around we finally got home about 6.30, hot and tired.

If you'd like to see more photos of the zoo check out the gallery.



Carol Karl

May 31, 2010