Gluten Free English Muffins

This is one of my favourite all time gluten free recipes for several reasons - first I love English Muffins and second - the dough is just like ordinary non-gluten free dough, meaning you can knead it.  I love kneading.  It's good for the soul and it's great exercise for those arm muscles.

Seen here with bacon and egg - this is my gluten free version of a bacon and egg McMuffin.


  • 2 cups gluten free flour mix
  • 1 cup buckwheat flour
  • 3 tsp guar gum
  • 1 cup milk of your choice
  • 1/4 cup water
  • 1 tsp castor sugar
  • 2 tsp dried yeast
  • 1 slightly heaped tsp salt
  • 1 egg


Put the milk and water in a small pot and heat until just hand hot (ie you can put your little finger in without burning it).

Pour this into a jug, add the sugar and yeast and leave for 10 minutes.  It should go nice and fluffy on the top as the yeast starts to activate with the sugar and warmth.

Meanwhile, sift the flours, salt and gum into a large bowl.  Make a well in the centre.  When the yeast mixture is ready, add that and the egg to the flours.  Mix with a fork initially then with your hands to form a stiff dough.  If it's too dry (crumbly) add a little water a drop at a time.

Turn the dough out onto a clean, floured bench and knead for 10 minutes. Occasionally dip your fingers into flour to stop the dough sticking to them.  Put the dough back in the bowl and place the bowl into a large plastic bag.  Rest in a warm place for 45 minutes or until it has doubled in size.

Tip the dough out onto a floured bench and roll until about 2cm high.  Using an 8cm round cutter (or a glass if you don't have one), cut into 12 rounds, reshaping and re-rolling the dough as necessary.  Place on an un-greased lightly floured oven tray.  Dust with a little flour.  Leave to rise again for 25-35 minutes.

There are two options for cooking the English Muffins.  Personally I like the oven method but I will give you both:


Preheat the oven to 190 degrees celsius and bake for 7 minutes.  Turn the Muffins over and bake for a further 7 minutes.


Heat a heavy based fry pan and grease with a little butter.  When heated to a medium heat, brush each muffin with melted butter.  Add the Muffins to the pan, ensuring not to crowd them.  Cook for 7 minutes on each side.

Cool on a wire rack.  These are best eaten the day you make them however they do freeze well.  If you wish to freeze them, split them in half with a knife then freeze them individually using this method.

May 23, 2016