Dairy Free Whipped Cream Alternative

After writing my last post about the perfect Pavlova I realised that I never used to be able to eat pavlova made like this - with cream piled on top.  That doesn't mean I never used to eat Pavlova.  I learned a little trick along the way about alternatives to using cream.  Use coconut cream.  

  • Pop the whole can (without opening it) in the fridge for a few days - minimum of 24 hours.  Open the can.
  • The cream part will have solidified and you can extract it (using a knife).
  • Discard the liquid.
  • Add some icing sugar to taste (optional)
  • Beat with electric beater
  • Use like normal cream

The cool thing about this is that it acts exactly like whipped cream - you can even pipe it.  Have fun with it.


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December 29, 2013