I Love Spring Bracelet

I just love spring colours – all those soft pastels – pink, blue, lemon.  This is a fun bracelet made with 16mm bubblegum beads, silver stardust beads and a gemstone heart pendant.

It’s made with stretchy wire so you don’t even need to worry about a clasp.


Here’s what you’ll need to make this spring bracelet:


  • Darning Needle with blunt end (that fits through the Stardust beads)
  • Flush Cutters or Scissors
  • A small piece of scrap wire or a toothpick
  • A small square of paper
  • E6000 or other glue


Watch the video or read the instructions below.

Step 1

Thread the First Bead

Thread the elastic onto the needle.

Thread on one of the bubblegum beads and pull down to the end. Thread the elastic wire back through the bead to secure it (or you could use a bead stopper).

Step 2

Thread the Beads

Lay the bubblegum beads out in the order you wish to string them, ensuring that none of the same colour are next to each other.

Thread on one Stardust bead then repeat the bubblegum/Stardust bead combination until all of the bubblegum beads are on the wire.  Thread on one extra Stardust bead. 

Step 3

Add the Pendant

String on the Pendant, then the final Stardust bead.

Step 4

Reinforce the Bracelet

Unthread the extra piece of elastic that you put through first bead.

Take your needle back through all the beads a second time.

Step 5

Tie The Ends

Being very careful not the break the elastic (if you watch the video, you'll see that I broke the elastic), manipulate the beads and elastic until there are no gaps between the beads and the elastic is tight.

Tie three knots.

Step 6

Glue the Ends

To ensure that the knot doesn’t come undone, we glue the ends and pop the knot inside one of the bubblegum beads.

Thread the long ends through the next bubblegum bead. Don’t pull the knot through the bead yet.

Put some of the glue onto the square of paper and then use the wire (or toothpick) to put a good amount onto the knot.

Pull the long ends until the knot pops inside the bead. Trim off the excess elastic and clean off any excess glue.  The glue will dry and glue the knot inside the bead, thereby securing it.

I hope you enjoyed making this bracelet

If so….. 




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March 23, 2021