Five Minute Earrings - Spring Cage Earrings

It’s a super short tutorial today. At the beginning of my five minute earrings series I said I wanted to show you how quick and easy it could be to make your own jewellery. Today’s earrings are ridiculously quick and super easy – you won’t believe it. These earrings take about three minutes to make.

Not only that, the materials cost very little.


Here’s what you will need to make these earrings:



Watch the video or read the instructions below.

Step 1

Open the spring cage bead and push the acrylic bead inside.

Step 2

Open the loop of the ear wire by placing your pliers along the side that opens.  Hold the ear wire between your thumb and forefinger and rotate the hand holding the pliers down.

Step 3

Place the loop of the spring cage bead onto the open loop. Close the loop by reversing the opening process.  Ensure the loop is tightly closed.  If you need help with opening and closing the loop watch this video.

Step 4

Repeat for the other earring.

You can see how easy that was!   Now you have a pair of the most stunning earrings in such a short time.

I hope you enjoyed making these earrings with me.

If so...



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June 29, 2021