Beginner Jewellery Project - How to Make Flower Bell Earrings

Aren’t these cute?  They are so dainty. I’ve been wanting to use these Lucite flower bell beads for sometime and I finally got to it last week. I love the pinks, purples and reds mixed into these earrings.  

Beginner Project

This project is super easy so it’s suitable for you even if you’ve never made jewellery before.  I’ll walk you through two ways to make these earrings. Either with a wire wrapped loop or a standard round loop.  Bonus – two techniques in one.  You can choose whichever method you like best.


Here's what you need to make these earrings:



Watch the video or read the instructions below.

Feed on the Beads

Add the beads in the order shown in the diagram below.

There are two options for making the loop at the top of the beads which attaches to the earhook – a simple loop or a wire wrapped loop.  I’ve included instructions for both.

Option 1 – Simple Loop

If you've never made a simple loop before, you might like to watch this video.

Using the chain nose pliers to make a right angle bend at the top of the beads.

Using the ruler, measure 8mm from the bend and cut the wire at the 8mm mark with the flush side of your cutters.

Place the end of the wire between the jaws of the round nose pliers.  On my pliers it’s about 0.5cm from the end to make this size loop. Rub your finger over the top of the pliers to ensure that the wire is not sticking up over the pliers (you won’t get a perfectly round loop if it is higher than the pliers).

Holding the beads between your thumb and forefinger, rotate your hand away from you to make the loop. Readjust the pliers and continue turning until the end of the wire meets the piece coming out of the beads.

Adjust the loop until it is closed and centered on the top bead.

Place the chain nose pliers along the side of the loop that opens. Rotate your hand down, thereby bringing the loop up to open it.

Feed on the earwire and close the loop by reversing the opening process.

Option 2 – Wire Wrapped Loop

If you've never made a wire wrapped loop before you might like to watch this video.

Using the chain nose pliers to make a right angle bend at the top of the beads.

Place your round nose pliers as close as you can to the bend, about 0.5cm from the end of the pliers.

Using your fingers, push the wire around the round nose pliers.

Slip on the earwire. You may need to give it a little wiggle to get it past the place where the wires cross.

Hold the loop in your chain nose pliers and wrap the wire around the wire coming out of the bead 2-3 times. If you don’t have a second pair of chain nose pliers you can probably use your fingers to wrap the wire.

Trim off the wire using the flat side of your flush cutters.

If the end of the wire is sticking out, which it probably will be, use your chain nose pliers to push it in so you can’t feel it poking out anymore.

Make the Other Earring

Now, all that’s left to do is make another earring.  Obviously, you will want to use the same method for both earrings.  

The wire wrapped earrings will be slightly longer than the others because the wire wrapping takes a little bit more space than a simple loop.


I really hope that you have a go at making these earrings.  They are super cute and super easy.


I hope this post gave you inspiration to start making your own jewellery

If so...



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May 18, 2021