What's In the Box?

Some rather large boxes arrived at my house recently and I wanted to share this unboxing with you. I've been waiting for these for the longest time.

Mismatched Bar Stools

For what seems like forever I’ve had mismatched bar stools. I bought the striped ones from Ikea in 2009 when we lived in Canada. They’ve had several covers and have been moved from house to house, and loaned to my daughter when we didn’t have a need for them and she did.

They have been used for painting, making forts, and all kinds of other activities.

Needless to say, they are looking a little weary.

In 2018 I bought some stools that I thought would match theIkea ones. They turned out to slightly taller so Andy chopped off their legs but they never looked quite right.

It was my intention to paint the legs but that never happened.

Beautiful Coastal Bar Stools

A few months ago I found these beautiful Hamptons style barstools online and I fell in love with them. At the time, they weren’t quite in the budget so I drooled over them and waited. Eventually, they came on sale soI dived right in.

Kitchen Complete

I am over the moon with these bar stools. They look amazing in my kitchen and really complete the look.

If you haven’t seen my kitchen before and after you can see that here.

I hope you like my bar stools as much as I do.



April 21, 2023