One of These Things is Not Like The Others

I’ve been absent from blogland for a few weeks – I’ve been too busy living my life to write about it.  We are now all moved in to our new home and unpacked.  It was a bit of a tough time, especially for Andy as he’s on crutches and couldn’t do much to help.  We finally got here and I’ve unpacked almost all the boxes.

This house is much smaller than our old one so I’ve had to do quite a bit of creative furniture placement.  The bedrooms are quite large, Jesse’s room especially is wonderfully big and bright.  I tried really hard to fit all the furniture in but as we’ve gone from two living areas to one, it just wasn’t going to happen.  I desperately wanted to keep the slipcovered couch from the family room as I love the look of it and it’s very comfortable.

Unfortunately, the lounge just wasn’t big enough for all three couches so one of the blue ones went into Jenna’s room and the other stayed in the lounge.  As much as I tried they just didn't look good together so I decided the blue one had to go.

I needed to replace it with something smaller and I was sure I could find something that would fit the bill on Trade Me.  So what I found was this ... A two seater couch and a chair.


To be honest, what I got was way beyond my expectations.  The couch is quite comfortable and the chair is actually a rocking chair that is so comfy everyone fights over who’s going to sit in it.


I have slipcovered the chair.  I love this colour but I wasn’t sure I could commit to it for the couch.  I haven’t done the couch yet but I have decided to cover it in white.  Watch this space for the pictures.

I will post some photos of the house next time, once I’ve had a chance to take some good ones.


No items found.

August 16, 2014