Christmas House Decorations 2016

I've been very remiss in getting this post up but I thought I'd better do it before Christmas is over and the decorations have all come down.  We didn't decorate too much this year - just the lounge and, of course, the outside.  Here's the photos.  As you know, in New Zealand it's summer and it was a bright sunny day when I took these (indoor) photos so I closed the curtains, turned on the lamps, light the candles and pretended it was a nice cozy winter's night.

Christmas Tree.jpg
Christmas Cushion.jpg
Lounge Angle.jpg
Whole Lounge.jpg

I must say, decorating with red around these lovely (not) Karitane yellow (baby poop) coloured walls was a challenge.  I'd dearly love to repaint these walls - we'll see what the New Year brings.

Here's the outside photos of Andy's effort with the Christmas lights.  Once again, we have the challenge of having to wait until it's dark enough to take outdoor photos, which is often around 9.30pm.  


The Christmas tree you can see here eventually got a set of lights added and it was moved to under the archway at the end as you can see in the photo below.


I hope you enjoyed my very quick Christmas tour for 2016.

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.


December 21, 2016