Upholstered Headboard

I have been wanting to do this for such a long time.  I finally got the time, money and help of a husband to get it done.  Last week, we went on a shopping trip and bought all the supplies needed to make a headboard.  What fun!  In case anyone wants to make one I've included my pictures and instructions here.  Now that I have the flash headboard I need to do something different with the bed - cushions a new duvet, who knows!

Build a frame.jpg

First thing you need to do is make the frame - that's actually quite easy.  If you want specific dimensions and instructions please contact me.  I should point out that I made a giant mistake with this headboard - I measured the bed incorrectly.  I used the length measurement instead of the width measurement which is why it's so much wider than the bed.  Rookie mistake.  

We made our frame from 2x2s and a couple of pieces of MDF (mainly because the MDF left in one sheet wouldn't fit in the car!

Frame front.jpg

Next we covered the frame with foam.  I bought a king sized topper pad from The Plastic Box.  It wasn't long enough so I had to cut it and put it back together.  We used a staple gun to attach the foam.

Add the foam.jpg

After the foam comes the batting, this makes it nice and soft as well as smoothing out the staples, etc.  Wrap it in the same manner as you did the foam.

Batting corners.jpg

Once that's all nice and neat, it's time for the fabric which is probably the trickiest part, just because you need to get it on straight and looking pretty.

Fabric corners.jpg

The corners were the most challenging bit, make sure you pull it nice and tight and trim away excess fabric.  We also stapled the fabric right down inside the frame as this stopped the foam bulging up at the back and it gives extra strength.

Fabric corners-2.jpg

Once it's all on, cover the back with a piece of calico or similar to make it all nice and neat.

Backing fabric-2.jpg
Backing fabric.jpg

All done!  We had fun making this and I'm really pleased with the outcome.  It doesn't really go with the blue walls and yellow drapes but we're house hunting so we're not worried about that just now.

July 24, 2011