Hi my name is Carol Karl and I strive to live a "real" life - by that I mean, I try and live my life in the most natural and authentic way possible.  I eat good quality food, use natural skin care (which I make myself) and am on a mission to banish all chemicals from my home.

This is my personal channel to record things, share the fun and sometimes sad times.

I love to travel and I'm big on family and friends.  I also love to "play" in the kitchen creating all sorts of yummy things which are usually gluten free. Please feel free to use my recipes and experiment with them too.  If you do, please give me credit.

I enjoy photography so take heaps of photos to share.  Check out my gallery.

My little projects pass the time and keep me happy.  I also love interior design and so I'm always tinkering with things, moving the furniture or accessories or making new cushions.

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Natural Living

Natural Living
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