Merav the Tea Lady

It’s been ages since I’ve blogged!  There are many reasons for this but mostly it’s because my life balance has been out of whack.  I’ve been on a bit of a journey over the last few months and I thought it was time to share.

Late last year I came to a point where my health (or lack of it) was ruling my life.  I spent every day in pain and wondering what I was eating that was causing such misery.  A friend of mine had been telling me for some time about her amazing “tea lady” who heals you using herbal tea.  In January, I finally decided to give it a try – I should note that my resistance was due to the fact that I absolutely hated herbal tea.

The tea lady’s name is Merav Reid of Life Healing Food Consultancy.   I must say, she’s changed my life.

  • No longer do I have pain every day – in fact I go weeks without any.
  • No longer do I worry that the clothes I put on at the beginning of the day won’t fit me by the end.  In fact, I’ve lost 13 kgs (and counting) so I had to go buy new smaller clothes!  Always love an excuse to shop.
  • For the first time in my adult life I have been free of candida for more than a couple of days.
  • I can tolerate some wheat and dairy.
  • These are just a few, I feel healthy for the first time in a long time.

So what is it about Merav that makes her so special?  Lots.  Let me tell you a bit about my journey and you can judge for yourself.

Before my first consultation I had to complete a rather large questionnaire.  It took me about a week to do, on and off as I had to think long and hard about my medical history.  I also had to complete a week’s worth of food diary.  I was really good and wrote down everything I ate and drank.  Of course, just the mere act of writing it down made me eat way more healthy than normal.

The first visit to Merav was overwhelming.  It lasted about 3 hours and in that time she told me all the things I had wrong with me, and all the things I shouldn’t eat.  She also told me a lot of stuff I should eat and prescribed some tea.  There were 10 teas initially but as I’m getting better the number reduces.

Red Clover Tea.jpg

Now remember, I said I hate herbal tea?  All the while, I was thinking I’m not gonna be able to do this – I hate herbal tea.  My first experience of the tea was really hard.  I drank it and felt sick.  Merav told me to water it down so I couldn’t taste it.  That worked.  I’ve been getting used to them and now I have them much stronger and don’t worry about the taste.  In fact, that’s all I drink.

So what’s different about my diet?  The biggest thing was to cut out the sugar.  Not all sugar – I get to drink one drink of Barkers Blackcurrant and Raspberry each day.  In fact, I drink it with organic soy milk which is absolutely gross so the Blackcurrant masks the taste.  I know that sounds weird but tastes like yoghurt.  

I thought that it would be really hard to go without sugar and it was for the first few days.  I was addicted to Hot Chocolate but Merav made suggestions that helped me deal with the cravings. This is why there's been no yummy gluten free recipes coming from my kitchen lately.  Sorry about that.

I’ve increased my intake of root vegetables and I eat truckloads of beetroot (just as well I love it), which I eat mostly roasted.  I’ve increased my intake of oil a lot and my skin is benefiting from that too.  There are a whole lot of things I’m not eating right now but I plan to re-introduce a bit as times goes on.  Merav also taught me how to combine foods (or not to) so that they don’t upset me, for example, don’t eat fruit with starch.

After just five months, I’m enjoying a way better lifestyle and I’m pretty much pain free.

So if you live in the Wellington region and you want to see dramatic health benefits, I can really recommend Merav and her herbal teas.


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June 5, 2013