Jewellery Organiser

It's always a problem, how to keep your jewellery well organised so you find what you need quickly and easily.  I found a solution.  All it took was some small nails or little hooks and a mirror.  It's easily accessible on the back of my wardrobe door.

All I did was draw a pencil line across the width of the about 10cm down.  I divided this equally and put a small nail at each point.  I repeated the process in line with the mirror.  

I hung a necklace or bracelet from each hook.  With earrings or other small objects I put them in the small purple organza bag (so I could see through it) and hung that one the hook.

All done!

Update: One thing that I would do differently next time is that I would line the back of the door with felt or fabric first.  The reason for this is that when I open the door it's quite noisy as the jewellery moves around.

November 24, 2011