Hello - it's been a while

I feel like I should say, “Forgive me for I have not blogged in almost two years”!

Why? Because I was overwhelmed.  Sometimes you are too busy living your life to write about it.  Two years ago my life got very complicated with lots of stuff going on.

My Mum died suddenly - she was well into her 80s and wasn’t so healthy so I can’t say it was unexpected but you put your head in the sand and think your parents will live forever.  Losing her threw me into a bit of a spin and I retreated into myself. I miss her very much.

We moved, again, I started a new job, and every day drama.

I have decided I’m now ready to share my thoughts with you again.  Life has been incredibly busy lately.  We have been renovating, my son has graduated from high school, my daughter has moved away.  Over the next few weeks I’ll expand on some of these things.  I just wanted to say, HI and I’m back.  I do need your encouragement to keep blogging so please give me your feedback.

It’s nice to be back.



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January 17, 2019