Blue Beazley Kitchen

I thought you might like to see what the house was like before we renovated.  I only have before photos of the kitchen - I wasn't blogging then so didn't photographically document every part of my life.  So here are the before ...


We removed this wall to open the kitchen up to the dining room.  There was no room in the kitchen for the microwave so it sat out here in the dining room.

Messy huh!  Simply because there was not enough room in the cupboards to house all our stuff so things had to be "on display".  I like nice clean and tidy benches - no clutter!

Don't you just love those salmon pink cupboards.

Looking back at the wall we removed.

Check out all that bench space - plenty of room to create - NOT!

You will see that, hiding behind the fridge, is a door.  We removed this one too - in this tiny kitchen there were four doors!


Let's take a look at the caterpillar becoming a butterfly.

I gained about a metre of bench space.  You will also see that we added an extra pull out pantry at the end of this space.  These are the most wonderful creations - I would work one into every kitchen if I had the choice.  They give you an amazing amount of extra storage space but actually take up very little.  This one was only 300mm wide but added stacks of storage.

Now we have just two doors in the kitchen - the back door to outside and the door to the laundry.

This was where the old narrow bench used to be - it was the same length as the old one but wider and much more useable.  Obviously we moved the oven and stove from the other wall which cost a bit more than leaving it where it was but it was well worth it.

You will see that the new large pantry is where the door to the lounge used to be.

And, of course, this is where the wall used to be.  You will see that we extended our kitchen just a little by removing the wall.  I really wanted a breakfast bar and they told me I couldn't have one in this tiny kitchen but, guess what, I proved them wrong.  It's only little but it was the best place in all the house to sit and enjoy a cuppa and the sun.

So that's the tour of our renovated kitchen in our tiny Beazley Home.  I loved this kitchen, it was a dream to work in and, even though it was only tiny, I think it was one of the best I've ever had (of course I'm not biased or anything - I did design it).  Even the kitchen company said it was the best use of a small space they had ever seen.  Now that's a compliment. Oh, and the best part, this kitchen only cost us $12,000 (excluding the dishwasher and fridge)!  There was no custom design here - it was big box stuff, just well thought out and put together.

I hope you enjoyed seeing what can be done with a very basic kitchen to make it spectacular.