Sunday in Montreal

We were all exhausted on Sunday.  Some young people along the hallway had decided to have a party till the wee small hours so not much sleep was had. We dragged ourselves out of bed and got ourselves organised to check out. 

Having seen a lot of the old part of Montreal yesterday, we thought that we'd travel out of the main city a bit. Unfortunately, our GPS died again so our first stop was at Future Shop, however because we had not taken out the extended insurance and didn't have the receipt they would not exchange it. We had to buy a new one. We will take Delilah (our name for our GPS because sometimes she lies to us) back to Future Shop in Mississauga and hopefully we'll get our money back.

Jesse thought it was hilarious that the GPS was directing us to Rue Guy (Guy Street), every time it said it he laughed saying it sounded like we were going to see a rude guy.

Once that was sorted and we started using Temp (new GPS) things were greatly improved, there was a feeling of relief as we knew it would not fail us.

We headed to a lookout at Mont-Royal, it was raining so we really couldn't see that much but it was nice to be up high.

We drove north along the highway to a random point on the map. We wanted to see some residential areas but mostly we only saw industrial.  The traffic lights were sideways which we thought was weird (traffic lights in Montreal are different from Toronto anyway). 

It was raining and we decided to start slowly heading back to Toronto, finding a nice spot to eat lunch on the way.  We ended up in Lle Perrot which is a beautiful spot on the edge of the lake (Lac Saints-Louis). We had lunch in the car as it was still showering and then headed home.

We stopped for dinner at McDonalds in Kingston, only meal we bought all weekend. It reminded me of one of the many trips from Wellington to Wanganui, when we would always have a pitstop at McDonalds in Levin. For some time after this, we followed a truck with a teddybear in the back, we think he was made of wood but he was quite funny sitting there looking back at us.

One observation after nearly being written off by a ridiculously fast driver making stupid moves, the drivers seem much more aggressive in Ontario than in Quebec.  The closer we got to Toronto, the worse they got.

We finally arrived home exhausted but very happy at about 9pm. 

We have vowed to return but want to learn some French first so we can at least read the street signs, really hard to navigate when you can't. Entering Montreal was like going to another country, very beautiful, very historic and full of character.